Welcome to the website of FIRST® Team 1551, The Grapes of Wrath! We would like to thank all of our sponsors, mentors, and volunteers for making FIRST® Team 1551 possible. FIRST® Team 1551 is Naples High School's FIRST® Robotics Team, a Bausch + Lomb Team Partner.

Our Mission Statement:

The Naples robotics FIRST Team has a four-fold mission:

-Inspire Students to pursue technical fields and careers as a means towards enriching themselves and the world around them upon graduating from highschool and entering college.

-Promote gracious professionalism, high integrity, strong work ethics, and social consciousness in all endeavors: not only in the Robotics Team, but also in school work, extracurricular activities, jobs, and hobbies,

-Foster teamwork and a collective creative drive towards the construction of robots for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition,

-Change the culture of the school to make technical prowess as 'cool' and as desirable in our small rural high school as athletic or theatrical ability, and to fully integrate FIRST Clubs into the long-term offerings an Naples High School.

Our Vision Statement:

The Naples Robotics Team has a long-term vision: to be a model that systematically inspires all rural Southern Tier and Southern Finger Lakes-area schools to launch FIRST Robotics programs and, by example, to foster their teams' growth. We look to a future when every high school student knows what a FIRST Team is and either aspires to join one, or is proud to cheer one on. We see a future when all schools in Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania have well-established and fully functioning FIRST Robotics teams.

E-Mail us at pfreivald@naples.k12.ny.us
Call Us: (585) 991-3647
Grapes Of Wrath!
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